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Sept - 2015

Gardening Presentations - Feedback

Dear George,

Thank you very much for your very interesting talk last Sunday, you are very professional and your pictures very well presented. I didn't realise there were problems with the Burgh House equipment, thank goodness you brought your own

. I t was particularly good to have questions all the way through and I am sure we all enjoyed it. I would certainly book you again but we don't quite know where the society is going at the moment, but I would certainly recommend you to another society.

Sorry we had some delay in starting our meeting and we should have left your equipment where it was working perfectly when we came in. However it all worked out well and within the time allowed. Sorry I had to rush off at the end and hardly had time to thank you.

I hope you didn't encounter too much fog on the way home. We didn't have far to go down the hill but Hampstead looked very romantic with its foggy narrow streets and trees.

Best wishes,